How to Pass the CLEP Chemistry Test

If you have never heard of the CLEP tests before I’ll give a brief overview. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows you to take tests on specific subjects, e.g. Chemistry, Biology, College Algebra, and if you acheive a certain score then you are granted credits toward that course.

However, it’s important to note what score you’ll need on the test is decided by your university or community college that you attend. So it’s very possible a score of 50 is needed on the Chemistry CLEP test to receive credits at University A where a score of 55 might be needed at University B and at University C they do not award any credits for the CLEP Chemistry test. So it’s very important that you check with your community college or university to see what score you need and whether they grant credits for passing. The average cost of the test is $100, but you should check with your testing center to make sure.

Now, I wanted to take the CLEP Chemistry exam and pass it to receive equivalent credits for Chemistry 101 and Chemistry 102 with labs. However, when searching for information on how to best study for the … Read more