The New NFL Extra Point

For the 2015 NFL season the NFL adopted a new provisional rule for that season about extra points. The new rule states that an extra point field goal attempts will be done at the 15 yard line instead of the 2 yard line and additionally if a defense blocks the field goal they can run it back for 2 points. Likewise for a 2 point conversion if a defense intercepts or recovers a fumble they can run it back for 2 points. These rules were provisional for the 2015 season and then made permanent for the 2016 season.

So I started to wonder when should a team should go for a 2 points instead of the regular field goal after a touchdown. Now, I’m considering the general case and not a specific scenario of, “We just scored a touchdown and we are down by 2 points with 30 seconds left, should we go for two or one?” The answer is pretty clear in that example.… Read more